PC Recruiters

Resources for Peace Corps Recruiters and Placement Staff:
We can help you provide better information to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender applicants and invitees. We have communicated regularly with regional Peace Corps recruiting offices, campus recruiters and D.C. headquarters for several years, encouraging you to use us as a resource. We have information about legal, social and cultural acceptance of LGBT people in their proposed country of service along with information concerning personal security. We offer these resources in three categories.

Participation in Gay Pride Events:
Each regional Peace Corps office has at one time or another made a presentation or had a recruiting/information table/booth at a Gay Pride event, LGBT job fair, or with a campus LGBT group in one of their region’s communities. We can provide you with newsletters, individual copies of relevant articles that have appeared in our newsletter, or advice about our experiences conducting informational and recruiting events with the LGBT community. In some areas we are able to connect you with LGBT RPCVs who would be willing to go along with a recruiter and “tell it how it is.” We are often in contact with recruiters around the country who’ve been involved in these kinds of activities before. Contact us and we’ll provide you with materials, ideas and connect you with others who been involved in similar events.

Articles and Information:
Recruiters, placement staff, applicants and invitees are all encouraged to view and download any of the articles from our website. These articles are of particular relevance to LGBT applicants and invitees. Start by exploring the Topics list on each page. Here are two links to two shorter resources that lend themselves to recruiting and information events aimed at the LGBT community.

LGBT Community and PeaceCorps

LGBT RPCV OnePage Flyer

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