Find a Mentor

The LGBT RPCV Mentor Program is our most successful outreach and recruitment project. Started in 1995, the program connects Peace Corps applicants and invitees with our members to discuss life as a gay or lesbian volunteers.
We help dozens of lesbian, gay and bisexual applicants each year who are interested in joining the Peace Corps, all seeking advice from those who have gone before.

To find a mentor, join our listserv and post your questions and concerns:

To join the LGB RPCV Listserv send a message to

  1. Sign up for our listserv, and after your subscription has been approved by our list moderator,
  2. Send a message to the list asking for the information or advice you are seeking.
  3. Identify yourself as an applicant, a nominee, placed for assignment, or someone just interested in the Peace Corps.
  4. Include the country or region you are interested in or have been assigned.
  5. Add any specific questions you might have.

There are now more than 600 participants on our listserv. They include current LGBT volunteers and Peace Corps alumni. Like most listservs, when one responds to a message from the listserv by clicking the “Reply” button, the message goes to everyone on the listserv. We use this function to encourage online discussion and the sharing of ideas. If you or someone else on the listserv wishes to reply only to the person sending a message, they would reply to the email address that appears in the “From” line in the header.

“Being a volunteer was the most amazing time of my life. I left Ghana thinking that if I died tomorrow, then it would be okay. Seriously, because I’d lived enough in the last three years to consider it a wonderful life. Nothing I have done has compared to my experience living in a rural community in a developing country. My brain and all my senses were summoned every morning when the roosters crowed and they were working until I fell asleep at the end of the day out under the stars.” – Rose Rosely, RPCV Ghana

Read Rose’s story “She Finally Gone Over the Edge

This is only one of many stories available on our website and being discussed on our listserv and a great way to receive the information and/or advice you might be seeking about becoming an LGBT Peace Corps Volunteer.

We recommend that you:

Read these four articles on our web site:

There are dozens of other articles in our Applicant and Country of Service sections of the website. Some might interest you. See the section for PC Applicants.

FAQs for all Applicants

The US Peace Corps maintains a FAQ for LGBTQ applicants. You can find the FAQ at this link.

FAQs for Same-Sex Couples

The US Peace Corps maintains a FAQ for LGBTQ applicants. You can find the FAQ at this link.

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